Informationen zum Novalis-Preis

Die Preisverleihung findet jeweils im Mai im Wechsel im Schloss Oberwiederstedt und an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena statt.

In Verbindung mit der Preisvergabe wird am Vortag ein wissenschaftliches Kolloquium mit dem Preisträger und den Bewerbern der engeren Auswahl veranstaltet.

Der Novalis-Preis ist mit 2.500 EUR dotiert.

Die Ministerpräsidenten der Länder Sachsen-Anhalt und Thüringen sind die Schirmherren des Novalis-Preises für junge Wissenschaftler.

Prize Announcement

The International Novalis Society, the Foundation "Wege wagen mit Novalis" (Venturing New Paths with Novalis) and the Center for Research on European Romanticism are announcing the Novalis-Prize for innovative research (dissertations and post-doctoral projects equivalent to a "Habilitation") on themes relating to European Romanticism. The Novalis-Prize is set at 5,000 € and will be announced internationally.

The Novalis Prize is intended to recognize innovative and stimulating research in the field of European Romanticism that enters new territory in the areas covered (the arts, the sciences, philosophy, religion, and society).

Prizes will be awarded to projects that make possible a new understanding of historical and systematic connections or of interactions among various media. Research will be recognized that exemplifies interdisciplinary tendencies found in the work of the writer after whom the prize is named or that discusses basic methodological and theoretical questions of scholarship on Romanticism as applied to selected subjects. Additional possibilities for recognition are conceptually based translations of central texts of European Romanticism.